jual Atexco HS Printer 1800 X Plus

Atexco HS Printer 1800 X Plus

  • 4 Kyocera Industrial print heads Atexco HS Printer 1800 Model X Plus

  • Print speed up to 280m2/h

  • 4 colours CMYK

  • 1800mm max. printing width

  • Rip Software Owned by Atexco

  • Eco-friendly Water Based Ink

  • 24 Hours Printing

jual Atexco HS Printer 1800 X Plus

Rip Software Owned by Atexco

Eco-friendly Water Based Ink

24 Hours Printing

Atexco HS Printer 1800 X Plus Since 1992

Atexco adalah penyedia solusi terkemuka di dunia untuk printer dan tinta tekstil digital berkualitas tinggi. Misi Atexco adalah membantu industri percetakan konvensional untuk melakukan up-gradation sebuah transformasi.

Atexco (Hangzhou Honghua Digital Technology Co.,Ltd.)

Specialized in R&D, manufacturing, sales and service of digital ink-jet printing technology and equipment.

Hangzhou Honghua Digital Technology Stock Co., Ltd. (Honghua) is a company specialized in R&D, manufacturing, sales and service of digital ink-jet printing technology and equipment. Currently, its products and solutions are widely used in concerned industries like fabric, carpet and sign and graphics printing. The capacity of its R&D and technology has reached the leading position in the world.

Honghua was established in 1992 as a key company in the software Park in Hangzhou Hi-tech Zone and won the project of The Nation Class Lighted Torch Plan for several times. It also undertakes projects of Hi-tech Research and Development Program (863 Plan) and the State’s High-tech Industrial Demonstrative Projects in the 10th five-year plan period. Honghua’s product range covers digital textile printer, graphic printer, carpet printer, textile ink and the accessories. Up to now, over 15,000 units of Atexco digital textile, graphic and carpet printers have been installed throughout the world.

  • 2001.09 The Nation Class Lighted Torch Plan
  • 2001.11 Rotary Screen Engraver passed national advanced technology appraisal
  • 2003.02 At-2000 colour separation software won the China excellent software of 2002
  • 2006.04 National 863 plan “Home decoration sales platform ASP” passed the appraisal
  • 2006.08 Digital textile printer won 1st place of Science and Technology award of China Textile and Apparel Council
  • 2006.12 Won the title of best supplier of 2006 China printing industrial
  • 2007.06 ASP platform V.1.0 won gold medal in China international software expo
  • 2007.12 VEGA digital textile printer won 2nd place of 2007 China State Science and Technology Innovation Prize
  • 2009.01 Nominated by the Chinese government as China National digital ink jet technology and engineering research center
  • 2009.11 Honghua’s digital ink-jet textile belt system obtained the title of the first product in national important area by Zhejiang Economic and Information Technology Commission
  • 2010.12 National 11th five-year technology project “Digital textile printing equipment” taken charge by Honghua was approved by national equipment industry association
  • 2011.05 Awarded grade AAA credit enterprise
  • 2013.10 “Image adaptive digital precision printing system” won the first prize of national progress of science and technology.

Sumber : ATEXCO

Atexco and Faroog Sitara International displays

VEGA 3180DL and A-jetl.

Atexco as one of the leading manufacturers of digital textile printing machines exhibited VEGA 3180DL and Ajetl machines during DPS World. Atexco VEGA Series of products can be used for high speed textile industrial production of digital printing system.

Atexco has been developing and manufacturing the textile software and digital textile printer since it’s inception in 1992. It has became the pioneer in digital textile printing industry, and in 2009, was appointed by the Chinese government as the China National Inkjet Technology and Engineering Centre. Atexco is represented in Pakistan by Farooq Sitara International, based in Karachi.

According to Mr. Farooq Sitara, CEO of Farooq Sitara International, “We are one of the pioneers in the digital printing sector and introduced digital printing technology in Pakistan. The sales and marketing of Atexco digital printing machines started in 2008 and we have sold many high speed and wide width digital printing machines in Pakistan.”

He further said, “We offer complete solutions for digital printing industry for pre and post treatment such as padding machines, mini-stenters, heat setting machines and steamers.”

Mr. Will Gian, Sales Manager of Atexco Hangzhou Honghua Digital Technology Stock Co. Ltd., said, “The machines are of same quality as any international or European brand, as we use the same print heads and technology. In China, we are the biggest supplier of inks, software and printers for digital printing sector. Atexco holds almost 80% of the market share in China. Pakistan is a very important and growing market for Atexco and we have high hopes for the future growth in Pakistan.”

Kyocera Heads With High Resolution

– Industrial Heads
– Long Lifespan

Maglev Printing Technology

– Higher Printing Speed
– Higher Printing Quality
– Higher Printing Resolution

Atexco HS Printer 1800 Model X Plus Max. 3.2 Meters Printing Width

– Suitable for Different Width
– Bigger Production Capacity

Brush Spreading Rollers

– Patent Owned
– Eliminate Wrinkles During Rewinding

Jumbo Roll Feeder With Permanent Tension

– Jumbo Roll Feeder & Take Up System
– Famous Servo Motors for Stable Paper Taking-Up
– Good For Industrial Production
– Saving Production Cost

Negative Pressure Ink Supply System

– Stable Negative Pressure
– Less Effect On Printing From Air
– 24 Hours Stable Printing

AI Designing System on Atexco HS Printer 1800 Model X Plus

– Quick Automatic Designing
– AI Intelligent Coloring
– One Key for Clothes Fitting

High Quality

– Accuracy
– Better Saturation
– Higher Colour Vividness
– No Limitation to Patterns

Brand Trust

– 2000+ Users Globally
– Nearly 30 Years Experience in Developing Inkjet Printing Technology

Rip Software Owned by Atexco

– Bright Colour
– Distinct Gradations

Eco-friendly Water Based Ink

– No Polution
– Comply Environment Standard

24 Hours Printing

– Stable Printing
– Consistent Printing

ModelModel Xplus (4U-4)
Printing TechnologyIndustrial Dod Piezo Printing
Print Head4 pcs Kyocera
Max. Printing Width1800mm
Ink Supply SystemInk TypeSublimation Ink
Ink Tank10L / color
Suitable MediaSublimation Paper
Ink TechnologyUltrachrome® DS
Print ModeModePrint Width 1.5m for Reference
Mode 1 (300 1Pass)280 m/h
Mode 2 (508 1Pass)220 m/h
Mode 1 (300 2Pass)160 m/h
Max. Paper Width1800mm
Max. Diameter/Weight of Paper RollFeeding 300mm / 200kg
Take up 300mm / 200kg
Computer SystemWIN 7, WIN 8, WIN 10
Computer Configurationi5/i7 CPU/16G/64bit
DisplayUser-machine interface
Socket100MB Ethernet
SoftwareServerAJet Server
Rip SoftwareAJet Rip or Third Party Software
Image FormatFiles: JPEG/TIF/BMP: Color Modes: RGB/CMYK
ElectricityAC380V (3Phases, 5 Wires), 50HZ/60HZ
Noise Level60dB (Testing results vary from different distance.)
Machine Size/WeghtAround 3.60m*1.55m*1.85/1800kg

Not Available

Sertifikat OEKO-TEX

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